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IMPORTANT INFORMATION! We will be Closed for vacation from Aug. 25 until Tuesday, Sept. 4th.

Got a Hammond XB-2? Put new life into it for about half the cost of a new single keyboard clone. See XB-2 Upgrade Kit.

Price Reduction on all KeyboardPartner Products do to the drop in the Euro.

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Flash "Package" Update

Everything you need is packaged and ready to be flashed to your unit.

If this is your first time updating your HX3 you need the following.

  1. You need Windows and version from XP up to Win10.
    1. For Apple Computers you will need to run one of the following to run Windows.
      • BootCamp
      • Parallels
      • VMware
  2. Install the USB Driver. This can be found here under the Utilities section.

If you need help you can email us or call us and we can help you via a live remote session.

Older HX3 Module Mrk2

4.25 Update

Flash Package For
Older HX3 Mrk2

Current HX3 Module Mrk3/4

4.25 Update

Flash Package for
Current HX3 Mrk3/4

Download Mrk3/4 Flash Package

DB-e Drawbar Expander

4.25 Update

Flash Package for
HX3 DB-e Drawbar Expander
USB Type B

Download DB-e Expander Flash Package


Full Package with REMOTE SOFTWARE
Everything HX3 Based

Full Package with remote software

Drivers for USB / FTDI

IMPORTANT - The USB / FTDI Windows Driver must be installed one time "before" you connect your HX3 to a Windows PC. Works with XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10.

From Github

Link to GitHub for USB & FTDI Drivers

CPDFs Guides - Updating the HX3 or DB-e
Using the Flash Tool or Remote Software

How to Update your HX3 or DB-e

Using the Flash Tool and Remote Software. This document was created for version 3.92x for the Remote Software. However, it will give you a very good working knowledge of the Remote Software.

Download PDF - How to Update your HX3 or DB-e

HX3 Organ Module 3.92x Owner's Guide

XH3 Module

This PDF covers both HX3 Mrk2 and Mrk3/4 Organ Module software version 3.92x and up. This document gives you a good idea of how the advanced features work.

If you own a DB-e Drawbar Expander you can use this guide. Almost all of the information is the same for the Advanced Features and Parameter Settings.

PDF HX3 Owners Guide - 3.92x

For the Current 4.25 Software

PDF HX3 Owners Guide - 3.92x

HX3 Drawbar Controller User's Guide

The DB-c PDF Owners Guide is from KeyboardPartner of Germany. It covers all the information you need to use the DB-c.

HX3 Users Guide German

Column 3

HX3 Drawbar Expander User's Guide

Created by KeyboardPartner in Germany this PDF guide will help you with using the DB-e

DB-e Users Guide From Germany


In the USA or Canada - Via eMail to Diversi

Got a question?
Drop us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

KeyboardPartner WIKI - Germany Based

A Wiki page has been set up for help with the HX3 and other products offered by Keyboard Partners of Germany. We are phasing in their other products. If you would like to purchase any of them, we can special order them for you.

KeyboardPartner Forum - Germany Based

This Bulletin Board / Forum has been created by KeyboardPartner and has been around for some time. There is helpful information and discussions about KeyboardPartner Products and using them.

Github Downloads - Germany Based

GitHub LinkThese are pages offered by KeyboardPartner. Diversi is not responsible for the content as most are a translation from German to English.

Firmware Updates page. You can download and install the latest firmware updates from the GitHub. These files are updated by KeyboardPartner in Germany.

Product Registration