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Older HX3 Module Mrk2

4.22 Update

Flash Package For
Older HX3 Mrk2

Current HX3 Module Mrk 3/4

4.22 Update

Flash Package for
Current HX3 Mrk3/4

DB-e Drawbar Expander

4.22 Update

Flash Package for
HX3 DB-e Drawbar Expander
USB Type B



Full Package with REMOTE SOFTWARE
Everything HX3 Based


The USB / FTDI Windows Driver must be installed one time "before" you connect your HX3 to a Windows PC. Works with XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10.

From Github

From Our Website

Zipped File

PDFs - Updating the HX3 or DB-e
Using the Flash Tool or Remote Software

How to Update your HX3 or DB-e

Using the Flash Tool and Remote Software. This document was created for version 3.92x for the Remote Software. However, it will give you a very good working knowledge of the Remote Software.

HX3 Organ Module 3.92x Owner's Guide

This PDF covers both HX3 Mrk2 and Mrk3/4 Organ Module software version 3.92x and up. This document gives you a good idea of how the advanced features work.

If you own a DB-e Drawbar Expander you can use this guide. Almost all of the information is the same for the Advanced Features and Parameter Settings.

HX3 Drawbar Controller User's Guide

The DB-c PDF Owners Guide is from KeyboardPartner of Germany. It covers all the information you need to use the DB-c.

HX3 Drawbar Expander User's Guide

Created by KeyboardPartner in Germany this PDF guide will help you with using the DB-e

Links in the USA

New HX3 US Forum

This Bulletin Board / Forum was started this year. Please join and contribute to this USA-based KeyboardPartner group.

Via eMail to Diversi

Got a question?
Drop us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Links To KeyboardPartner Germany

KeyboardPartner WIKI

A Wiki page has been set up for help with the HX3 and other products offered by Keyboard Partners of Germany. We are phasing in their other products. If you would like to purchase any of them, we can special order them for you.

KeyboardPartner Forum - Germany

This Bulletin Board / Forum has been created by KeyboardPartner and has been around for some time. There is helpful information and discussions about KeyboardPartner Products and using them.

Github Downloads

These are pages offered by KeyboardPartner. Diversi is not responsible for the content as most are a translation from German to English.

Firmware Updates page. You can download and install the latest firmware updates from the GitHub. These files are updated by KeyboardPartner in Germany.

  • NOTE! If this is your first time updating your HX3, please read all instructions about updating before attempting to do so. Also, if you need help, Diversi can do a live remote desktop session with you. However, you must contact us to setup a day and time to do so.


Not Fully and in some cases NO.

Why is that? These manufacturers use something called System Exclusive (SysEx) data or NRPN (Non Registered Program Number). This data is used inside the software of that product to communicate with the buttons and controls. Also, not all of this data is transmitted via MIDI. Some data is and can be recorded to a sequencer, but only the company's product understands that data when it is transmitted back to that product.

With the FREE Windows Remote Software for the HX3 you might be able to create your own CUSTOM CC for improving the use of your keyboard with the HX3 Mark 4.

In most cases it's easy.

If you are using one of the keyboard products that the HX3 is configured to work with like the SX or XK products by Hammond Suzuki, Native Instruments B4 or the VOCE V5, then it's pretty easy. You must however select the Custom CC for that product. Download the HX3 owner's guide for more information.

Answer: In most cases yes.

By using the Free Windows based Remote Software you can map a CUSTOM CC set of you own. As a matter of fact, if you have your keyboard connected to the HX3 while using the free Windows based Remote Software, the Custom CC will even allow you to see the MIDI control codes being sent out of the keyboard to the HX3. With this ability of the Remote Software, you can use this feature to MAP the HX3 to your keyboard. However, SysEx and NRPN data doesn't always show up. Don't blame KeyboardPartner for this. Blame the manufacturer of your keyboard. It is impossible for KeyboardPartner to be 100 percent compatible with everything on the market due to the manufacturers using SysEx and NRPN data.


There are two ways to do this. From the front Display Panel of the HX3 or by using the Free Windows based Remote software. Even the Vibrato/Chorus and Percussion setting can be saved as well to a preset.


You can tweak many things from the front Display Panel and then by PRESSING AND HOLDING the Rotary Control Knob, you can SAVE that change to the HX3. As an example, you want to change the Rise time of the LOWER ROTOR of the Rotary Speaker Simulation. You simply go to the MENU for that function. Dial in what you like and if you like it, PRESS AND HOLD the Rotary Control Knob to SAVE that data.


By using the Free Windows based Remote Software you can do that along with many other parameters. The one thing we know for sure is EVERY tonewheel organ has its own personality or "sound." Some of it is due to the age of the instrument, and some of it no one really knows why. But with the FREE Remote Software you can get pretty deep into tweaking the HX3 sound engine. It's sort of like giving you the development tools. .

Yes and No.

Why is this a yes and no answer? From the front panel you can tweak many of the parameters of the Vibrato / Chorus such as how much signal mix dry to wet percentage. However, to really get deep into that, you may want to use the Free Windows based Remote Software for this. Again, many things can be tailored with the FREE Remote Software.


Up until now the best anyone has done with KeyClick is to have maybe 8 or so keyclick samples and then by mathematical formula, make them random and then allow you to adjust only the volume level of keyclick. However, in a vintage tonewheel organ, KeyClick isn't created by a volume level. With the HX3 Mark 4 it is possible to adjust the aging of the keyboard Contact Flexing or springing up and down. This is what happens to the keyboard contacts in older tonewheel organs over the years. Plus wear and contamination of the bussbars and key contacts affect the amount of keyclick you hear. Flexing is like what the vintage organ does.

No Problem

You can change the Foldback of the 16ft drawbar by using the Display Menu to change it. You can even change the capacitor age of the filter caps on the tonewheel generator as well.

You have a couple of options

  1. Install Windows via BootCamp. You need a full version of Windows, not an Upgrade version. As an example Windows 7 Home is OK. If you are NOT computer savvy, we suggest that you let someone install Windows with BootCamp as it is somewhat confusing to the novice. You have been warned.

  2. VMware Fusion or Parallels. This costs a bit more as you have to purchase one of these two applications but the install of Windows is easy, and then running Windows you still have access to your MAC OS. You still need a FULL VERSION of Windows. The only thing that will happen is when you connect the HX3 to your MAC, the MAC will ask if you want to use the USB for the MAC OS or for Windows. Click Windows and your ready to go.


  • The names Roland VK7 or VK8/VK88, Korg, Korg CX3, Native Instruments B4, Nord, Nord Electro, Voce, Hammond Suzuki. Hammond Suzuki SK or XK, Yamaha and Yamaha Motif are Brand Trademarks and Model names of their respective companies.
  • Windows and Windows 7 are Trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.
  • KeyboardPartner, DE nor Diversi Musical Products, Inc USA are affiliated with these companies listed above. The use of their names and or model names is for reference only.




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