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Got a Hammond XB-2? Put new life into it for about half the cost of a new single keyboard clone. See XB-2 Upgrade Kit.

New Products from KeyboardPartner Are Here with the NEW HX3 Mrk5 with the 3.5 Real Organ Sound Engine!.

KeyboardPartner Products

HX3 - Modules

All thing HX3 Modules. Simpley the best tonewheel clone engine on the market. The update your XK3 or SK1 for half the price of a new tonewheel organ clone keyboard.

HX3 Modules

KeyboardPartner DIY Products

Do you want to build your own drawbar clone, update an old Hammond like a B-3000 or even a tonewheel console can be updated using the existing keyboards?

DYI Products

KB-2 Upgrade

Got a dead Hammond Suzuki XB-2 or XB-2R. For less then the cost of a new keyboard clone you can bring it back to life with the KeyboardPartner XB-2 upgrade kit.

XB-2 Upgrade

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