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Got a Hammond XB-2? Put new life into it for about half the cost of a new single keyboard clone. See XB-2 Upgrade Kit.

New Products from KeyboardPartner Are Here with the NEW HX3 Mrk5 with the 3.5 Real Organ Sound Engine!.

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HX-3 Components

  • Component Boards

HX3 Components

The tonewheel organ on a single board!

We offer different versions from kit to fully tested module boards. Modules come with licenses and latest firmware installed.

Even the fully assembled modules require some soldering skills for installation.

Key Scanning Boards

  • Key Scanning Boards

Key Scanning Boards

For the HX3 module we provide several extensions, e.g. key scanning boards for different types of keybeds. You may control the HX3 via MIDI, but direct connection of a keybed with one of our scan boards is much faster (virtually no latency). We offer scan boards for the common Fartar keybeds (FatarScan2) as well as for keybeds with simple "normally open" momentary contacts or contacts with busbar (e.g. OrganScan61, Scan4014-16, Scan4014-61). Type of scan board can be configured with our USB serial cable and terminal software on your PC (see KeyboardPartners Wiki for details).

Link To KeyboardPartner Wiki

Please note: Installation of HX3 components may require skills in electronics and soldering.

Tab Buttons, Presets
& Drawbars Boards

  • Tab Buttons, Presets and Drawbars

Tab & Preset Button Boards - Drawbar Boards

HX3 supports 4 presets in base configuration (4 buttons connected directly to HX3 board). You may extend your HX3 with additional preset and tab button boards. You may either choose Preset16 or Preset12 for up to 16 presets per keybed. New sounds are saved by pressing a preset button (must be momentary contact) for more than 2 seconds; LEDs will lit up for confirmation. For "latching presets" like those on B3000, Concorde or similar organs I can supply a special HX3 firmware which uses the CANCEL key to save sounds.

Please note: Installation of HX3 components may require skills in electronics and soldering.

Accessories, Cables & LCD Displays

  • Cables, Accessories and Displays

Accessories, Cables and Displays

Items such as the Display of the Plexiglas front of the HX3, the full LCD display, extra connector cables and a nice power supply from Meanwell.

XB-2 & XB-2R Upgrade Kit

  • XB-2 & XB-2R Upgrade Kit
  • xb2kit_lg

XB-2 Upgrade Kit

Do you have a Hammond Suzuki XB2? For less then the price of a new single keyboard clone you can make your XB2 or XB2r like new with the HX3 XB2 Kit. Everything you need from boards and cables is included. The only thing that you need is an XB2 or XB2R that turns on and the LCD screen lights up.

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Allow two weeks for shipping on any orders for KeyboardPartner Products.
If you have more questions please contact us at (484) 478-0095 Press 4.

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