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Introducing the JamKey Sound Controller

More and more today keyboard players are using computer based sound engines or VST's. As well as several keyboards and or modules. With the new JamKey you now have the "One Controller To Rule Them All".

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Diversi® News

Rich Budesa, Philadelphia Jazz Organist and keyboard player chooses the SpectraSound SST-1122 Amplifier.

"Now my one vintage Leslie sounds like it has the power of two."

Rich Budesa of The Budesa Brothers. . . (Read More)

Aron Magner, of the Disco Biscuits with the SpectraSounds SST-1122 MarkII on tour.

Aron Magner, keyboard player for the Disco Biscuits and Conspirator, also one of the first owners of the Diversi DV-Solo. . . (Read More)

Clair Backline, Philadelphia and New York City purchases SST-1122 MarkII.

Diversi's service and retail divison DrawbarCity has been servicing, selling and maintaining their fleet of vitage B3's and 10 vintage Leslie Cabinets. As with most backline companies they are. . . (Read More)

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SST-1122 MarkII
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The Retail & Vintage Tonewheel Organ Division of Diversi.

Let's face it, there are a large number of vintage Hammond Tonewheel organs and Leslie Speakers out there. DrawbarCity is the Vintage Drawbar Organ division of Diversi® Musical Products.

DrawbarCity™ offers many services making it the only manufacturer of new drawbar organs offering support for the older tonewheel console organs.

Here are a few of the services offered:

  1. N.E.C. (National Electric Code) Compliance Upgrades
  2. 21st Century Upgrades
  3. Interior overhaul and upgrades of the organ and/or speakers.
  4. Full custom refinishing of your organ and speaker.
  5. Live Evaluation of your present instrument over the internet.

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Is your Vintage Hammond Organ & Leslie Speaker Electrically safe and will it comply with the National Electric Code?

This is important information for all Churches. Visit our sister company DrawbarCity for more information. . .

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