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The Duet and Quartet

New ItemThe Quartet

Our flagship. With 4 sets of drawbars we have reproduced the “cockpit” of the original tonewheel organ. Everything the player touches and sees feels exactly like what a vintage organ player is used to, right at your finger tips. The few additional controls are installed on the left end blocks where they don't get in your way.

New ItemThe Duet

Having 2 sets of Drawbars we retained all the most important features and the lay-out of classic tonewheel organ, by not having the reverse color presets, in favor of lower weight and portability.

All of our instruments are sturdy and lightweight, at slightly more than 33 lbs you can have a “real organ” with you on stage and take it everywhere by carrying it under your arm.

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HX3 System

HX3 is a completely new approach for a tonewheel organ emulation. The HX3 doesn't use a computer, signal processors, sample players nor analog electronics for recreating the genuine tonewheel organ sound. Instead, the original plans of a vintage Hammond have been transferred to a detailed physical model.

These are just some of the features of the HX3:

  • Full polyphony
  • A great rotary speaker simulation
  • Polyphonic pedal string bass
  • Reverb with three intensities
  • User Updateable. When new features are added or improvements are avaiable you can update the HX3.
  • and more. . .

All on a compact, self-contained circuit board.

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The JG3 line of midi pedal boards provides the ultimate answer to those musicians searching for the classic look and feel of an organ pedal board with a size and weight that gives the utmost portability.

These pedal boards were crafted from a need for a midi pedal board that had the exact feel of classic organ pedal boards while being ultra-lightweight and portable for transportation to gigs.

Measuring in at only 21 inches in length, and weighing as little as 15 pounds jg3 tech has provided musicians with a must-have addition to their organ or keyboard setup.  

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New Item Want to build your own clone or modify an older Hammond Organ?

With the KeyboardPartner DIY project parts and some electronics know-how, you can take a vintage tonewheel organ or B-3000 and put new life into it.

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Have an XB-2 laying around?

Upgrade your XB-2 or XB-2R for less than the cost of a new single keyboard clone. Just make sure your XB2 turns on and the LCD screen lights up.

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Take The HX3 Challenge - HX3 or XK-3

Local Philadelphia keyboard player Carlos D'Alessandro owns both a KeyboardPartner DB-e Drawbar Expander and the HX-3 Mrk 4 Module and either one is always used with the Hammond Suzuki XK-3.

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Take the HX3 Challenge - HX3 or SK-1

Rich Budesa, one of the busiest organ players in Philly. He owns a Diversi Duo, Nord Stage, and a SK-1. For quick gigs, he takes the SK-1 or Nord and always the HX3.

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